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پوشش کولتار اپوکسی Dezo-Coat CEC 200


پوشش محافظتی سطوح و سازه های بتنی و فلزی براساس اپوکسی اصلاح شده ( کولتار اپوکسی )

Dezo-coat CEC 200

Coal tar modified epoxy based coating





Dezo-coat CEC 200 is two-component solvent free, liquid epoxy coating modified with refined coal tar.  The superior adhesion and chemical resistance of the epoxy resin, in combination with the flexibility and water resistant qualities of pitch produce a material that will provide a high build, ultra dense coating to protect concrete, other cementitious substrates, and metal, against a wide range of aggressive media.  The coating will not support the growth of bacteria and the finished surface is smooth, glossy and black.


Where to use:

Dezo-coat CEC 200 is used to provide a heavy duty protective, waterproof, and flexible coating.  Uses include, the lining of tanks, pipes and ducting, coating concrete, asbestos cement, steel pipes and non- ferrous metals. The product is particularly suitable for use in sewerage work applications and in offshore or marine environments.

Technical information:




Glossy black (mixed)

Pot life

50 Minutes (at 25ºC)

20 Minute (at 40ºC)

Tack free

12 hours (at 25ºC)

Bonding strength

2.5 MPa. (Concrete failed)

Service temperature

-35 to +65 ºC

Initial cured

24 hours (at 25 ºC)

Full cured

7 days (25 ºC)
















·       No primer required.

·       High build coating.

·       Easy application: brush, roller, spray.

·       Excellent chemical resistance to aqueous media such as; distilled water, sewage, exhaust gases, marine bacteria, diluted acids and alkalis, salt solutions (Potassium, Sodium).

·       Excellent broad spectrum chemical resistance.

·       Abrasion resistant.

·       Seamless finish.

·       Pre-weighed components.

·       Long term corrosion protection.


Surface preparation:

The substrate must be sound and free of loose particles. Remove dust, laitance, oil, grease, curing compounds, waxes, disintegrated and other bond inhibiting materials from the surface. Surface can be prepared by blasting methods, grinding, or wire brushing. Substrate should be dried before application.

Honeycombs and gaps have to be repaired by Dezo-patch GSP 245 as repair mortar.



Mix each component separately. Add component "B" to Component "A" and mix them thoroughly using a low speed drill (max. 400 rpm) and suitable paddle at least for 3 minutes or






until all striations have disappeared and a uniform color is obtained. Do not split the components and use at least a full package.



Application method:

Dezo-coat CEC 200 can be applied by means of brush or spray method.

Brush / roller application:

Apply the mixed material to a properly prepared substrate using short hair brush or roller. Working well into the substrate to give complete coverage with no visible pinholes, apply in two coats at the rate of 0.3 liter/m² to obtain a DFT of 300 microns.

Spray application:

This is particularly recommended for large applications.  A jet size of 23-26 thou has been found suitable.  Spray mixed material onto the prepared surface to give an even, pinhole free surface to achieve a minimum DFT of 300 microns in two coats. To achieve greater film thickness allow to cure before applying subsequent coats.



Accurate consumption is dependent on porosity and surface texture of the substrate and specified protection. 0.3 liter per m² for a total DFT of 300 microns is minimum requirement to be applied in two coats of 150 microns. Subsequent coats should be applied within 36 hours.


Application limits:

Do not apply Dezo-coat CEC 200 at temperatures less than +5 ºC. Age of concrete must be 21~28 days, depending upon curing and drying conditions.


Application tools and equipment should be cleaned after completion of each job or before break time. Uncured material can be washed with approved solvent. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.

Storage / Shelf life:

Store out of direct sunlight, and protect from extreme heat and rain fall. The shelf life for originally unopened package is 12 months from date of production.


Dezo-coat CEC 200 is available in 10 liters Pails.

Safety precautions:

Product may cause skin irritation. Use personal safety devices such as gloves and goggles. If contacted with eyes or mucous membrane, wash immediately with plenty of warm water and seek medical attention



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